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Data Aggregation and Legacy Equipment Modernization on the Factory Floor

Data Aggregation and Legacy Equipment Modernization on the Factory Floor The Industrial Internet Consortium describes a Smart Factory as the ability to aggregate, analyze, and act on data, which are not, unfortunately, as distinct or delineated as they may seem. Data aggregation at the factory floor typically includes some analyzing and displaying which results in some acting by the end-user. However, there is still plenty to be done at the enterprise and cloud level in terms of analyzing and acting. In a perfect world, an industrial facility is a new, greenfield plant built with required sensors, controllers, networks, and computers that are required to meet the end-user’s desires for information. In the real world, an old, brownfield plant is the norm. There are machines, cells of machines, and processes that are not connected to anything – they are islands of production with little connectedness. Clipboards may still be used to collect data. The proverbial “elephant in the room” that gets ignored (while vendors extol the features of their hardware and software) is the old legacy hardware and software in those brownfield plants. Aggregating data isn’t glamorous like colorful dashboards. Data is akin to the invisible studded wall that supports a glamorous facade. Newsflash! Just as facades aren’t possible without studded walls, dashboards aren’t possible without data. What’s The problem? The problem comes with extracting data from old control systems. Here are some likely scenarios: No networks or point-to-point networks: Some...

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