Business Intelligence Solutions

Transform data quickly into knowledge! Quickly access and use the data! Evaluate opportunities instantly! Make quick decisions based on historical data!


Smart Factory Systems

The intelligent production system that reads, controls and provides information from the machines in every industry-independent production plant.


Automatic Reporting Tools

Every Monday Morning, all sales and cost reports are automatically generated and mailed to you last week

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Automatic Data Collection

We produce reports and dashboards from Excel files, CSV, TXT, Flat files, SQL databases, PLCs, Scada instantly and continuously from many different sources

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Interactive Reports

Keep track of your important data and KPIs, Focus on change instantly


Create and scale all of your organization’s reports and dashboards with  consistency

Mobile Compatibility

Access your data from different applications and platforms and get rich reporting options

We Provide Your Innovation and Efficiency Catch.

Helps determine hidden losses, reduce scheduled and unplanned downtimes, increase productivity and maximize productivity.

Critical production, financial and quality information are gathered, business intelligence and analytical is done, results are triggered instantly, and necessary sub-processes are automatically performed.

You can instantly monitor your production data coming from PLC / Scada /Sensors / 3rd party applciaitons via customized Dashboards. Data can be linked to your machines or production lines to keep track of downtimes and production speeds in real time. is associated with other processes to provide flow / trigger synchronization. The most critical point in the calculation of product costs is the reflection of the accumulated costs on the product costs. When doing this, it is very important that the costs are reflected in the products correctly and fairly. Because incorrectly calculated costs can lead to serious problems, ranging from the mistakes in sales prices to the misjudgment of competition strategies in the market.

Total Equipment Activity is one of the vehicles used in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) lean manufacturing applications, commonly known abbreviation.

Unlike most other tools used in the market, there is no need to collect and analyze much data for OEE calculations. The data required for OEE calculation is already held by many businesses. With OEE it is possible that these data can be transformed into a KPI that follows the overall performance of the operator. OEE is a tool that can be used in other areas besides production.

Kurumsal Zeka Solutions

In order to increase productivity in the customer oriented processes of production facilities; we apply the latest technologies with the principle of highest performance and optimum safety of Iot device development, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. As a solution maker in many sectors, we offer the usual unconventional solutions as an innovative technology system developer.

Business Intelligence Tools

You can configure it according to your needs and you can set up a full-scale infrastructure. Over the web; online analysis, warning, designing queries, accessing data, making exceptions and presenting opportunities.

Corporate Data Management

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load): The data is read from the source, cleaned, downloaded, converted and merged. It is modeled on business, designed according to the structure of business information management architecture to manage data from different sources

Performance Management

It is the measurement of business processes and corporate data by associating them. Based on the KPI key performance indicators (KPIs) defined in the system, it moves on its own to produce work orders.

Analysis Applications

In the big data;  relationships, irregularities, rules and other statistically significant structural cues, and unclear but potentially useful information. By evaluating the data cubes produced, thousands of different queries and analyzes; sector, department and needs. In the regions; level of product, series, model-based sales.